2016 Campaign Watch: Clinton Announces her Candidacy

  • Number of women: 20.
  • Number of people of color: 13.
  • Number of women of color: 7.
  • Number of non-Hillary Clinton speaking roles: 13.
  • Number of speaking roles for non-Hillary Clinton women: 8.
  • Number of speaking roles for people of color: 7.
  • Number of speaking roles for women of color: 5.
  • Number of same-sex couples: 2.
  • Number of references to motherhood: 3.
  • Number of references to school or college: 2.
  • Number of references to inequality: 1.
  • Number of concrete policies mentioned: 0.

This is Hillary Clinton’s campaign launch video by the numbers (Source: Vox). By including these groups of people, Clinton is showing support to groups like minorities, women, LGBT people, middle class families, and millennials, without once offering up a policy on how exactly she would support them if she was elected, which is a brilliant strategy. Clinton now is officially in the race, but she also has the opportunity to see how people react to her candidacy before she even offers up any policies that may be deemed controversial. And so far, it seems that Clinton has some overwhelming support. https://twitter.com/HillaryClinton/status/587336319321407488 The reaction to Clinton on Twitter was nearly 8 times larger than that of Ted Cruz’s. Clinton has taken America by storm. She is a different face than that of the one America saw 20 years ago. To most American’s, we now see the “Text’s from Hillary” face instead of a tired one working through a White House sex scandal. Clinton has millennials in her pocket, which in today’s world of politics is an important step to winning the presidency. But there still are important questions to be answered even after her announcement like What will her campaign theme be? Is it about income inequality? Foreign policy? Change? Staying the course? We still don’t know, and we may not for a few days. But in 2008 we saw Clinton stay away from gender (until her famous “18 million cracks in the glass ceiling” concession speech), will she try and stay away from that again, or embrace it? Also, Clinton has consistently coasted on her climate science beliefs in the past, which with the devastating droughts wreaking havoc throughout the mid-west and western United States, will be something she needs to confront (although she did boost her climate credibility in the last few months). All in all, the Clinton announcement can undoubtedly be called a media success whether you support her or not. As of 8:00 pm, Sunday night her announcement tweet had over 80 thousand retweets (above) and her campaign launch video has over 600 thousand views in just a couple of hours (below), but the question will continue to prevail: is America really ready for Hillary?

Also, watch Twitter react to Clinton’s campaign announcement here: https://twitterdata.cartodb.com/viz/f06d624a-e155-11e4-9ab8-7054d21a95e5/embed_map


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