Facebook is Sorry


Chief Operating Officer at Facebook Inc., Sheryl Sandberg, apologized for a study that manipulated the timelines of 700,000 unwitting people to see how it would affect their emotions.
Specifically though, what Sandberg apologized for was the poor communication between Facebook and its users about the experiment.
Here is the full-quote as reported by the Wall Street Journal from Sandberg:

This was part of ongoing research companies do to test different products, and that was what it was; it was poorly communicated. And for that communication we apologize. We never meant to upset you.

Sandberg was in India meeting with small businesses that advertise on Facebook. Facebook is currently working with advertisers outside the U.S. to launch campaigns that are more tailored to local markets. According to the Wall Street Journal report, ‘Sandberg was meeting with entrepreneurs and businesswomen as part of her “Lean In” campaign when she commented on the study.’


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