Hero’s emerge out of the tragedy at Franklin Regional High School

Pictured: Brett Hurt, one of the twenty victims of the FRHS (Franklin Regional High School) stabbing and the first victim to speak out.
‘Everyone started screaming, running in different directions’
That was the words of Brett Hurt, a sophomore at Franklin Regional High School. According to Gracie Evans, Brett protected her from the knife wielding Alex Hribal who yesterday went on a stabbing spree at his school, stabbing or slashing 20 people including Brett Hurt who has a bruised lung and a back injury.
‘I didn’t really know what was going on at the time. I was walking down the hall with a friend of mine, Gracie Evans. And then it just all, like, hit. she was screaming, I was just standing there everywhere just went — like I didn’t know what was going on.’ – Brett Hurt
According to Hurt, Evans applied pressure to Hurt’s back after he was stabbed to try to stop the bleeding, he said. Hurt said: “She saved my life.”

Hurt said in an interview with NBC News that he has been thinking about Alex Hribal and the incident: “Maybe if he had more friends or somebody to help him out, to show him a different path, maybe it would have been different.” said Hurt.

“I just hope that one day everyone — I can forgive him and everyone else who got hurt can forgive him. Most of all he needs to forgive himself.”


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